Luxury Toilet Hire

Our mobile toilet range includes versatile trailers that offer maximum comfort and luxury to impress your guests whatever the event.

The trailers are a 3+1 or 2+1 format. The 3+1 (3 female cubicles, 1 male cubicle and 3 urinals) caters for up to 300 guests over an 8 hour event and the 2+1 (2 female cubicles and 1 male cubicle and 2 urinals) caters for up to 175 guests over an 8 hour event. The Party Poopers luxury toilet trailers are all self contained with their own water supply and waste storage needing only a 13amp electrical supply.

Our fully trained technicians will deliver, install and test the units with minimal disruption to the site. Once tested, all units will be fully stocked and ready to use.

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  • Length 15ft including draw bar
  • Width 6ft 6′ (9ft 6′ when steps assembled)
  • Height 10ft.
  • Length 22ft including draw bar
  • Width 7ft’6 (10ft’6 when steps assembled)
  • Height 10ft.
  • White exterior with matching skirt
  • Light and spacious oak interior
  • Non slip wood effect flooring
  • Luxury soaps and hand cream complete with chrome holders
  • High quality chrome taps with hot water
  • Fresh flowers
  • Automatic air fresheners
  • Internal heating

Individual units and Urinal blocks

We offer single occupancy units and urinal blocks that cater for a variety of environments and budgets.

They are ideally suited for high volume events or locations that are not easily accessible for larger trailer units.

Each unit has a hand sanitizer station and recirculating flush system ensuring that the units are completely self-contained and do not need a water supply.

Their only requirement is reasonably flat ground!

The open ended urinal rental provides a natural entry and exit route, which in a relatively confined space is a bonus. One disadvantage to take into consideration is that being without doors the unit is open to the elements and can be viewed by passers by. This can be alleviated by surrounding the urinal by fencing or screens, creating an opportunity for advertising or sponsors names. Alternatively we can position the unit behind standard loos, if they are in an arc shape, or place adjacent to a wall or fixed object, to prevent onlookers!